Our library building – Katona József Könyvtár
Ugrás a tartalomra

Our library building

Construction details:

Architects: Péter Mátrai, György Major, IPARTERV 1985, 1989-1993

Interior architects: Imre Batta, Péter Mátrai, INTERDESIGN

General design: IPARTERV (Budapest)

Structural design: Tibor Steinhausz

Building engineering design: Tamás Déri

Electrics: István Szakál


– Library technology: Mária Ramháb, István Papp, László Urbán

– Lighting: Dr. Gábor Debreczeni

– Fire protection: Dr Tamás Bánky

Contractor: BÁCSÉPSZER Rt. (Kecskemét)

Investment management: BÁCSBER Kft (Kecskemét)

Computer network: Lias Kft.

Fire and property protection: Autronika Kft.

Office furniture: FARAM

Custom furniture: BÁCSÉPSZER Rt.

Compact library storage: Mezőgépipar Kft.

Useful floor area: 6006,45 m2 (6370,23 m2 with attic)

Gross floor area: 7240,61 m2 (7853,65 m2 with attic)

Planned number of volumes: 500,000

Planned capacity: 1000 persons/day, maximum 400 persons at any one time

Planned investment costs: HUF 850 million.

Final investment costs: HUF 946 million.

Start of construction: 11 December 1993

Handover of the building: 16 August 1996

The architects of the building, Péter Mátrai, György Major and Imre Batta, were awarded the Pro Architectura Prize – Ministerial Certificate of Recognition in 1997 for their work in preserving, protecting and promoting the architectural values of the building.

The building of the Katona József Library of Bács-Kiskun County is considered as a local cultural value, according to the decision of the Kecskemét Municipal Cultural Value Committee (16/03/2015). 

The building of the Katona József Library of Bács-Kiskun County was placed under local protection on the basis of the Decree of the General Assembly of the Municipality of Kecskemét City with County Rights 20/2020 (IX.17.).