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Established in 1897, the library has been functioning since 1996 in the building at the place Piaristák tere. The building was designed by Péter Mátrai, György Major and Imre Batta, while the company BÁCSÉPSZER Kft. was responsible for the construction. For its outstanding services, the library was awarded the title of Qualified Library in 2014 and 2019. In 2015, they were the first establishment to earn the Library Quality Award. The Katona József Library of Bács-Kiskun County is operated by the Municipality of Kecskemét.

Great Hall


Our literature, culture and popular science events and lectures are free to visit. Further information about rental of halls: 76/500-555,



A truly great place for meetings, the Library Café serves tasty coffee, beverages, sandwiches and cakes.

Rental point


All documents not restricted for local use can be borrowed with a library membership. Due date extensions or reservations can be requested personally, by phone or email, or in our online catalogue under the menu item „Reader’s actions”. For this, you will need your library card barcode and the password provided by the library (can be requested at the address

Children’s World


We are waiting for the readers from small children to adolescents with our constantly updated, rich selection of fiction and educational books. We offer reading and learning activities for kindergarten and school groups. We recommend our correspondence games and family weekend programs for spending their free time usefully.

Tale Den


The Tale Den offers intimate moments to tell tales, puppet shows, and accepts children with special needs.

Library health court

Könyvtári egészségudvar

The Outfit outdoor sports equipment in our inner court ensures regular exercise in the open air for all ages. Their use improves movement coordination, strengthens endurance and improves fitness.

Baby-mom room

Baba-mama szoba

As a baby-friendly library, our goal is to be able to receive babies with their parents at our classes as early as possible. To this end, we have created a room that is suitable for breastfeeding and caring for babies.

Teen World


Teen World’s book offer consists mainly of works of fiction and literature for the 12-18 age group, including comics and magazines. The space offers opportunities for independent individual and group learning, but we also host reading clubs (e.g. Harry Potter Club, Library Jedi Academy).

General Information

Általános tájékoztatás

There is a general information point in the middle of the first floor, where our staff will assist readers with documents and services related to the library. Here you can request the „Interlibrary loan” service, in which library members – for paying postage – can access documents in the collections of other Hungarian libraries within a few days.

Magazine Section


In the first floor Magazine Reader, our visitors can read current issues of about two hundred periodicals (newspapers, magazines).

Creative Studio

Making and editing of sound and film recordings with the viewing of completed works, as well as musical instrumental practice are possible in the Creative Studio with the help of our qualified staff.

Fiction Collection

Szépirodalmi gyűjtemény

The Fiction Collection contains works by foreign and Hungarian writers and poets in alphabetical order, while obligatory readings, romantic novels, crime novels, Scandinavian crime stories and fantastic works have been selected for the readers’ interest.

Infotéka – digital learning space for individuals


Adults can manage their electronic affairs individually in the Infoteka, if necessary with the help of librarians. In addition to printing, photocopying and scanning, it is possible to create CVs, use netbank, pay bills, access online citizenship services (e.g. downloading deeds, tax returns, etc.) and the EESZT healthcare framework (download medical documents), among other activities. As designated eHungary points, our visitors can use three computers for half an hour, free of charge, without a library membership.

Nonfiction Collection

Szakirodalmi gyűjtemény

The nonfiction literature room contains up-to-date knowledge in all domains. Audiobooks can also be borrowed as bundles for language books. We also help with bibliographies that recommend learning about popular topics.

Music Services

From classical to modern music, all kinds of styles and genres can be found in the Music collection. Sound recordings, sheet music, textbooks and magazines, as well as DVD movies are available to our readers. Research activities and listening to music, watch movies on site, but also rent audio recordings and DVD movies. We pay special attention to collecting the work of Zoltán Kodály and the relevant literature. Our online contents are available at

Europe Collectioncommunity development space

Europe Collection, including books in foreign languages, helps you in learning languages, preparing for language exams, while also containing a large selection of foreign language fiction, including a limited number of nonfiction books. The collection is a Community Development Space where we also hold makerspaces and club sessions, lectures and book presentations.

Digital Lab

The digital learning lab provides learning opportunities for small groups. Courses for internet usage are usually organized here since 2000, with an audience of the elderly.

Further information:

– regarding the Internet course: in person at the Infotheque: 76 / 500-560,

– in connection with room rental: 76 / 500-555,

Reading Room

For in-depth work and study, the Reading Room is the place to find locally available reference books and the most important periodicals in various fields, as well as to request specialized information and literature research.

For family celebrations or birthdays, our Library gift pack – available on request – includes a selection of press products issued on the birthday in different years, in a bound or decorative folder. The service can be ordered in the Reading Room or at the link

Local History Collection

The Local History Collection collects, preserves and explores publications related to the past and present of Bács-Kiskun County and Kecskemét: works by local authors, as well as publications with local content, published locally and produced by local printing houses. Our local history database includes a database of persons, bodies and objects, a database of articles based on local press monitoring, and data on local legislation.  By digitising the documents, part of the collection is now available online on the library’s website.

Historical Collection

Our Historical Collection preserves the material of the old municipal library, including rare books of museum value.

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